Diet and Protien Shakes

MsStarbright84: I’m so proud of you. Great job hun. your an inspiration to me

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HCG Diet – Protien Shake

TheJujubee68: I’m going to try the smoothie. looks so yummy. You look great, so glad R2 is going well for you:)


Franco: When I say I did it before I mean I did it just like Trudeaus book saiD and I lost 55 lbs in 45days ,using the injectable hcg.I do the spin bike 30 minutes a day at a moderate speed and just started this and am a little worried.But in 1952 Simeon didn’t have all of the stuff we have today. If anyone has substituted the meat for protein shakes and it worked please advise.I’ve seen a bunch of people saying it’s okay ,but then they talk about what they ate for lun and din and it changes.thanks guys

littlerMEwithHCG: You are doing really well, and your protein shake looks wonderful. Chili is perfect this time of year too! Keep up the good work.

diet shakes that work with the hcg diet. lose weight fast with the hcg diet program.

but I can honestly say this is the best one I have had yet , BJG

UPDATE: It has been a week since I’ve started using the meal replacement shake. The taste remains just as delicious, and I find myself looking forward to it every day. It suppresses my appetite fully now, lasting anywhere from 3 to 4 hours between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I snack on fruit or celery if I do get hungry between shakes though (doesn’t happen often). I wish there was a way I could put before/after photos on this review to show you how much thinner I am after just one week. It truly does work. After next week I’ll be ready for my next canister.

I’m not fond of most shakes you have to mix yourself, but I can honestly say this is the best one I have had yet! Its best if able to blend with ice! I highly recommend this product!

  • High Protein (whey and chickpea protein) and low fat
  • 7 grams of fiber per serving
  • 50% of the US recommended daily allowance of 23 vitamins and minerals in each serving
  • Fat-burning Polyphenols
  • High-grade hoodia for appetite control

In regards to weight loss, I’m doing a modified version of the HCG diet plan. I’m not looking to lose a substantial amount of weight so this shake will help curb my appetite and help me avoid the greasy fried foods on campus. I also maintain a strict at least two-mile-a-day jogging regime. So the light eating, shake, and jogging should have me on the road to weight loss shortly!

Each sample pack contains three one serving packs of the HCG Shake for you to sample. Simply mix the shake with 8-12 ounce of very cold water (and a couple of pieces of ice is you like), blend and enjoy.

A real treat if you are on the HCG protocol, or just dieting in general.

It was around lunchtime, I had already eaten 3 egg whites for breakfast and I could feel myself getting hungry again. I jogged for about 2 miles in the morning so I decided I’d give the shake a try. All I did was add 2 cups of shake to cold water in a blender bottle and tried it out. Since I’m a college student this will be the way I’d be drinking it most of the time so I wanted to try it at the bare minimum. My first reaction was that it was delicious! The taste is exceptional for a diet shake. I got the chocolate .. I am a girl .. and I’m thoroughly pleased. As with any shake, there is a slight gritty after taste but it’s nothing compared to some of the tastes of these things. The true test came within about 3 hours later (5 pm), when I finally began to feel hungry again. I ate an apple and I remained full until around 9. I just decided to have another shake since it was so good the first time. This time I mixed it with some skim milk and it was heavenly! Within the first couple sips my belly is full and I’m satisfied.

We offer sample packs for each flavor, or you can order the mixed sample pack and try all of the shakes.